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The Orff Teacher as Artist

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Article by Doug Goodkin; Introduction by Rebecca Macoskey.

Doug Goodkin - The Orff Teacher As Artist
Download PDF • 66KB

In his article “The Orff Teacher as Artist,” Orff-Schulwerk educator Doug Goodkin offers practical advice to teachers who aim to balance their artistic and educational sides. My personal favourite bit of advice is to continue growing artistically outside of the classroom: to learn new instruments, go to live music events, visit art exhibitions and the like. By taking the time to focus on ourselves as musicians and artists, we will be better equipped to inspire and excite our students. Read Doug's full article at the link above for more helpful suggestions.

Doug Goodkin is an internationally recognized Orff Schulwerk music teacher, teaching in over 50 countries worldwide. He worked with children from three years old to eighth grade in The San Francisco School for 45 years, is the author of nine books and writes a blog titled Confessions of a Traveling Music Teacher.

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