Welcome to our BLOG!

This is a playful and interactive space where the realm of Orff-Schulwerk can be discussed and explored.  The team from the IOSFS is looking forward to sharing relevant literature, pertinent quotes, experiences and teaching practices; that offer incentives for dialogues between all of us. The InterPlay Blog is suitable for brief commentaries, images, audio tracks, video clips, notations and the like. Our small team of administrators will monitor that Blog etiquette is being observed and conversations flow within themes.

Please consider the following aspects of etiquette:

  • Try and link your comments to the current theme

  • When people comment on your post, respond to them as soon as possible

  • Responses can be shorter or longer. A longer response is about 400 to 600 words

  • Please avoid impolite or hostile language (it goes without saying, really)

  • If you use a quotation from literature or you refer to a recording please try and provide as much reference information as you can

In the IOSFS InterPlay Blog you can expect responses on a regular basis.  New impulse articles will also be shared at regular intervals.

Themes which are currently open for discussion are:

  • Reflections of Orff-Schulwerk Heute

  • News from the IOSFS (consider Reports / Stories / Broadcasts or Event News)

  • A Day in the Life of a Music Teacher

Would you like to write an impulse article for InterPlay?  Please find here some instructions