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Notre Dame Kindergarten in Osan, South Korea.

Article by Sr Caritas Maria; Introduction by Christoph Maubach.

Notre Dame Kindergarten in Osan
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This Blog features vivid portrayals of Schulwerk developments and activities in South Korea. The accounts resonate directly with Carl Orff’s words of 1963 about the world-wide growth of the Schulwerk. The seeds of the Schulwerk have fallen on fertile ground in South Korea. And, to use Carl Orff’s words, ‘As in Nature plants establish themselves where they are needed and where the conditions are favorable…’.

Over several decades Sr. Marie Michael, Sr. Marie Johannita and Sr. Maria Caritas have carefully, persistently, and with love, tended to the growth of the Schulwerk in South Korea. Music and movement seminars were delivered for Kindergarten teachers, elementary school teachers and for the South Korea’s Orff Schulwerk association

Today’s focus will be on how Orff-Schulwerk activities are integrated into daily learning for the children at the Notre Dame Kindergarten in Osan, and also in Busan and Incheon.

Our IOSFS Blog team is grateful for the colorful contributions of educators of Notre Dame Kindergarten. Their work and developments fit hand in glove with Carl Orff’s metaphor of the Schulwerk: Looking back I should like to describe the Schulwerk as a wildflower.

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