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Have a look at the Convention 2023 official photos!

The annual convention of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum took place

online and in-person at the Orff Institute in Salzburg

17-19 July 2023


Addressing and Exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Orff-Schulwerk

IOSFS Convention Poster 3.png

Diversity and Inclusion lie at the heart of the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy and its practices.

They co-exist but are often in tension, creating challenges for our work as teachers and mentors. 

Our theme applies to all the ways in which we may be different from each other: age,
gender, cultural and social background, race and identity, abilities, interests and aptitudes.  
But diversity is less about what makes people different — and more about understanding,
accepting and valuing those differences. Inclusion leads to feeling a sense of belonging and

The Convention aims to offer a place where ideas and experiences of creating inclusive and
equitable conditions for music and dance education can be discussed. It will also provide
opportunities to enrich our practice, even challenging our own approaches, as we come to
understand other perspectives.


Convention Times for In-Person and Streaming Participation

All times are CEST/UTC+2 (Salzburg time)

Monday 17th July: 9AM-8PM

Tuesday 18th July: 9AM-8PM

Wednesday 19th July: 9AM-6PM

Presentations were filmed and made available on the Convention 2023 website from August until October 31st 2023.

Information correct as of 2 May 2023

All information subject to change.

The Convention 2023 Program Includes:



Anna Maria Kalcher (Orff Institute, Head of Department)


Keynote Speakers:

Sezgin Inceel (Germany/Turkey)

Buzz, Summ or Vızz? Supporting Early Multilingualism through Music Education

Royston Maldoom (UK/Germany)

The Life-Enhancing Power of Dance

Nate Holder (UK) 

Challenging attitudes towards race and representation in music education


Christa Coogan (Germany/USA)

Felipe Cuevas (Chile) 

Erik Esterbauer (Austria)

Marion Haak-Schulenburg (Germany)

Angelika Holzer   (Austria)        

Karen Howard (USA)

Sandra Kaetsu  (Brazil) 

Markku Kaikkonen (Finland)

Mona Manoochehri (Germany/Iran)

Jane Nicolas (Australia)

Soili Perkiö & Elisa Seppanen (Finland)

Shirley Salmon (Austria/UK)

Christine Schönherr (Austria)

Johannes Th. van der Sandt (South Africa/Italy)

Patrick Ware (USA)

Manuela & Michel Widmer (Austria)

Presentations from Associated Schools and Institutions:

Carl Orff-Grundschule Altenerding (Germany)

Scuola Popolare di Musica Donna Olimpia (Italy)

Eton Farm Primary School (Australia)

IMMEA (China)

International School of Bergamo (Italy)
Jittamett Kindergarten (Thailand)

NOMI (South Korea)

Come Togethers

Kit Abele (USA)

Fon Angkasekvilai (Thailand)  

Carmen Dominguez (Spain)

Farzan Farnia (Iran)

Sonia Kouma (Greece)  

Virginia Longo (Italy)

Hana Novotná (Czech Rep.) & Julia Malafarina (USA)

Ilkay Nisanci & Sıtkı Sencer Özbay (Turkey)

Pilar Plazas Vega & Diego Rincón Mora (Colombia/USA)

Jongbaek Yoon (S. Korea)

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